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 Because "Support our Troops" should be more than a bumper sticker.  Veterans Alliance of Southern California is dedicated to serving those who first served us... our military men and women of all generations who proudly and courageously answered the call to service at the times in history when this country asked..

Formed out of the compassion and vision of our co-founders Federico Nunez, a Vietnam era disable veteran, and his wife Linda, Veterans Alliance of Southern California, Inc. has partnered with the Veterans Administration and other service organizations to provide much needed services to our nations Heroes, especially those struggling to return to life as ti was before they left home, those how may be suffering from alcohol and / or drug abuse and addiction, PTSD or the sad and horrifying number of homeless veterans in this country.

In this site, you will learn more about veteran homelessness, addiction and recovery, how to advocate for your veteran, and how to educate the public about this national crisis of homeless heroes.  You will learn why Veterans Alliance of Southern California was formed, who we are as individuals and as a veteran specific organization, what we are doing locally and nationally to serve our veterans, and be provided links to resources for the men and women service members you love.

We want to partner wit h your in our mission, so that one day we too may wave a banner "Mission Accomplished, Our Heroes Have a Home!"  And yes, you will be asked, are you ready to answer the call to service, the call to end this national crisis, and shame, of veteran homelessness.  To find upcoming volunteer or service opportunities, to to EVENTS.  To donate now, go to HONOR A HERO.  Or request information at CONTACT US.

Thank you for visiting our site today.  If there is someone you know in need of immediate services, please contact us at  (951)634-4301.

If a veteran you know is suicidal or in emotional crisis, please have your veteran call (800)273-TALK and press 1 for Veterans Services.

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